Apis Cera in english

cire d'abeillebeeswax

« Who said that the time machine did not exist? It exists, and it’s Code Name is: Apis Cera. It is in the form of candles that we go back in time, with their exquisite perfumes and plethora of benefits! No smoke or pollutants additives, let yourself be soothed by the light of flickering flames of beeswax candles. From long winter nights to misty morning or when your working, there is no better time to commune with nature. The Apis Cera trip begins with the first candle lit. »

Apis Cera has one ambition: to restore candles former glory. It sounds simple, but when you consider that almost all candles sold on the market are mainly composed of paraffin (petroleum) or stearin (extracted from animal and vegetable fat), it becomes difficult to find unexpensive quality candles made entirely from natural wax. In addition to a delicious perfume sometimes forgotten, as well as Proust’s madeleine, natural wax is non-toxic (it is even permitted as a food additive), non-carcinogenic and non-polluting.

By minimizing the steps we can offer these candles at a very attractive price.
Apis Cera is in charge of the handcraft making of the candles and its distribution.

We also offer organic soaps, naturally based with beeswax, lavender and organic honey from Provence. Good soaps are as rare as good candles. Yes, it is a little more expensive, but the products are of excellent quality and eco-friendly!

Apis Cera products are all hand made in respect of ancient traditions.

(Apis Cera: literally Beeswax in Latin).

Après que les ruches sans miel n'eurent plus que la cire, on fit mainte bougie.

« Après que les ruches sans miel n’eurent plus que la cire, on fit mainte bougie » – La Fontaine