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honey recipe

Honey banana bread

  Banana bread is one of my sins. This version is mellow and crunchy at the same time, a pure treat for a brunch or dessert. It is likely to go very quickly.. but if it is not the case, good news: it keeps very well for 4-5 days at room temperature, wrapped in a…

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Chicken skewers with honey, soy and ginger

  The summer months often rhyme with barbecue. To change from chipolatas and other sausages, choose skewers! Simple to make, the secret lies in the marinade. For this recipe, I suggest a sweet / salty version with soy, ginger and lime that brings a touch of exoticism and honey that softens the marinade and allows…

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Goat cheese, honey and mint bruschettas

  The appetizers season has begun! and we love it! We love organic chips, sausages, tuna rillettes and raw vegetables … but let’s shake things up and make a super simple recipe that smells like summer: mini honey and goat cheese bruschettas. Ready in two phases, they will delight lovers of sweety salty. Ingredients for…

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Quinoa-bulgur salad, duck breast, honey-citrus vinaigrette

  The warm days are coming slowly, and it gives me ideas: terrace, spritz and salads … For salads, I like playing with leftovers in my fridge to invent new combinations and vary a little. Today, some salad leaves, radishes, mushrooms, kumquats and smoked duck breast have finished in a pretty colorful salad full of…

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Pineapple carpaccio with lime and honey syrup

  Because raclettes, tartiflettes, cheese fondues and other winter dishes are nice but clearly we do not want to end up with an apple pie or cheesecake, I share with you the recipe of my pineapple carpaccio: light, exotic and fragrant, it is a dessert that pleases every time! Ingredients for 4 persons : 1/2…

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Beekeeping, bees and the environment

The success of his organic honey was due to his neighbor’s cannabis plant

850 pots on waiting list: John P is a beekeeper exceeded by his success, or rather was because its production has just been stopped by the Fergus County authorities. His honey contained a significant amount of THC (tetra-hydro-cannabinol), the psychoactive compound of cannabis, estimated according to a local expert to “a quarter of joint well…

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Are Lithuanians obsessed with bees?

  In mid-January, the snow made the little coastal town of Šventoji in north-west Lithuania feel like a film set. Restaurants, shops and wooden holiday cabins all sat silently with their lights off, waiting for the arrival of spring. I found what I was looking for on the edge of the town, not far from…

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Woman becomes first known person to keep bumblebee as a pet

  A woman in the Highlands has become the first person known to have kept a bumblebee as a pet. It started in spring last year, when Fiona Presly, a library assistant from Inverness, rescued a buff-tailed, or large earth, bumblebee queen that had been born without wings and was struggling to survive. Over the…

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100% natural beeswax candles

Welcome to Faustine, our new organic Amber candle

  Finally! After two years of work, here she is: Faustine! Our new scented and organic candle. But why amber? When we evoke amber, an image immediately appears to us, insects imprisoned in this mysterious and golden plant resin. Of course Jurassic Park fans will have this scene in mind, with the mosquito and the…

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