The success of his organic honey was due to his neighbor’s cannabis plant

Cet apiculteur français fait du miel de cannabis

850 pots on waiting list: John P is a beekeeper exceeded by his success, or rather was because its production has just been stopped by the Fergus County authorities. His honey contained a significant amount of THC (tetra-hydro-cannabinol), the psychoactive compound of cannabis, estimated according to a local expert to “a quarter of joint well loaded per slice of bread with honey”.

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Bees super powers

Les supers pouvoirs des abeilles

Bees are incredibly important creatures to the ecosystem. In addition to their crucial role in pollinating plants, bees also have “super powers” that make them unique and fascinating.

First of all, bees have the ability to communicate with each other extremely well. They use “dances” to tell other bees where food or potential nesting sites are located. This allows them to maximize their time and resources, and ensure that they always have enough food to survive.

Bees also have an amazing memory. They can remember the location of thousands of different flowers, and use this memory to plan their nectar collection route. This allows them to maximize their yield by visiting the most productive flowers first.

Finally, bees have the ability to recognize human faces. Research shows that they can learn to recognize the faces of their caregivers and even people they have never seen before. This may seem strange, but it shows how intelligent and complex creatures bees are.

In short, bees are incredibly important creatures to the ecosystem, with unique “superpowers” such as the ability to communicate effectively, incredible memory, and the ability to recognize human faces. It is important to protect bees and their habitat to ensure the survival of these incredible creatures and maintain the balance of the ecosystem.

Here are some of the magical products they make in addition to honey: beeswax and thanks to that, we can make beeswax candles of course

Beeswax fun facts

Beeswax fun facts!

Beeswax is an incredible natural substance with a seemingly never ending array of uses. From lip balm to candles, and even as plastic-free food storage, beeswax is an environmentally friendly material that’s a must-have in your non-toxic home.

Let’s see how good is it? It is…

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Are Lithuanians obsessed with bees?

Are Lithuanians obsessed with bees?

In mid-January, the snow made the little coastal town of Šventoji in north-west Lithuania feel like a film set. Restaurants, shops and wooden holiday cabins all sat silently with their lights off, waiting for the arrival of spring. Continue Reading →