Apis Cera Faustine

Natural candle Amber and gold – Faustine

Faustine, our Amber scented organic candle in its luxurious mottled golden glass. Its delicate amber perfume has been elaborated in the Grasse region in South of France (Provence) – and is, of course, natural and organic.

Apis Cera Lucienne

Hand rolled beeswax candles – box of 9 – Lucienne

Lucienne is handcrafted by using the traditional method of rolling a sheet of beeswax around a wax-dipped cotton wick. Its particularity is the beautiful texture of a honeycomb pattern.

Apis Cera Ambroise

Beeswax candles pillars – box of 2 – Ambroise

Ambroise is handcrafted by using a mold made by Apis Cera. Shorter and thicker than our flagship model, Lucienne, it has the same unique texture on the outside with the honeycomb pattern, although it is poured and not rolled.

Apis Cera Imperial

Organic argan oil and beeswax soaps – box of 3 – Imperial

Imperial is an organic soap made from amazing argan oil and beeswax. It is handcrafted and cold-processed. It is rich in natural antioxidants and it gives skin hours of protection while softening.

Apis Cera Majestic

Organic honey and beeswax soaps – box of 3 – Majestic

Majestic is a beautiful soap with organic honey and lavender from the Provence region in France. It is handcrafted and cold-processed.

Organic honey and beeswax lip balm – Ravissant

Ravissant is a delicious honey lip balm with shea butter and beeswax. It’s simple and natural.