Apis Cera Gift Card

56.85 $ incl. taxes


In need of a last minute gift but cannot wait for our super fast delivery? Our Gift Card is the perfect solution! It is sent to you directly by email, you can thus gift it immediately!


You will receive the gift card by email a few minutes after the order is finalised. If you haven’t, please make sure to check your spam box!


To use this gift card, use the unique code received in the email and place it on the checkout page (cart) of your order on this website. The value of this card will be deducted from the total of your shopping cart.


The amount can be spend in one or multiple times
The gift card is valid for a year
It is not possible to ask for a refund




  • Someone is getting lucky for his wedding Today I packed
  • Hand packing each and every soap Its a long process
  • Say hello to Muscatmy new best friend Shes two years
  • When you use a cold process soap its important to
  • So proud of my new Honey lip balm! 100 organic
  • Everybody wants it! Tout le monde le veux !


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