Beeswax tea lights candles – Hortense – set of 19 refills

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Hortense refills are beautiful beeswax tea lights candles.
This refill pouch contains 19 hand made beeswax candles that last about 5 hours.

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Hortense is a handcrafted tea light candle made exclusively with pure beeswax in the heart of Provence, France.

This set contains 19 pure beeswax candles. Each candle is meant to be used in the original Hortense  little reusable glass cup.

Ideal to light your home in a natural way, they give a cosy and warming atmosphere to your home decor.

Excellent substitute to paraffin candles, they will last much longer and won’t pollute your home.

This model is called “Hortense” in reference to the root of the word: Hortus the Latin word for Garden.

Burning time:
Approximately 5 hours

Candle: 1,4” diameter, 0,7“ tall (3,8cm x 1,8cm) – (standard tea light candle size)


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Weight500 g

5 reviews for Beeswax tea lights candles – Hortense – set of 19 refills

  1. Mattie Hill

    Very cool idea! I use them all over the house 🙂

  2. Marie

    Hello, just a little feedback following my purchase of Hortense candles in refills. I love !! the smell, the candle, the light … thank you! I also liked this natural packaging. See you soon for other orders. Marie

  3. Andrew Cunningham

    I love Hortense and the refills. This is a great complementary gift. Thank you for them.

  4. Rhoda Overton

    really like the lunch paper bag packaging design 🙂 awesome little candles! they last forever!!

  5. William Dimond

    Great addition to the regular Hortense, thank you Charles!

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