Classic Bandana 100% cotton Paisley pattern – Jean-Paul

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The Jean-Paul model is a classic 100% cotton Paisley pattern timeless bandana with with an Apis Cera twist that incorporates bees into the print.

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At Apis Cera we are fans of timeless pieces and therefore of bandanas.

The Jean-Paul model (for its outdated gangster sound) is a bandana with the classic cashmere (or Paisley, from the Scottish town of the same name) pattern with an Apis Cera twist that incorporates bees into the print.

The bandana was one of the cowboy’s most useful accessories. It was used to protect against dust in the summer as well as from the cold in winter. It absorbed sweat, made it possible to hold a hot cast iron skillet or to bandage a wound. It could also be used to cover the eyes of a reluctant horse or provide some sort of a splint in an emergency.

The majority of old scarves were of polished cotton or silk and were plain or printed. The prints were floral type with small patterns or geometric type, often with a border. The usual colors were red and white.

On the head, around the neck, the knee, the wrist, as a mask or in the pocket, the bandana is a bit like a Swiss army knife piece of cloth. This Jean-Paul bandana is not intended to “reinvent” the wheel, but is our interpretation of the mythical scarf.

Materials: 100% cotton – hemmed edges

Dimensions: 50cm x 50cm (19,6 inches square)

Care instructions: Machine wash at 30°c (86°f) – iron on the back

Additional information

Weight 150 g

3 reviews for Classic Bandana 100% cotton Paisley pattern – Jean-Paul

  1. Victor Robin

    Super bandana il est parfait !

  2. Gaspar Trottier

    Very nice! nice color and fabric. Well done Apis Cera!

  3. Marshall Charest

    I’m the first ! This bandana is great, I also appreciate them a lot for their timeless style, and great to have incorporated the little bees 🙂

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