Natural candle Amber and gold – Faustine

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Faustine, is a natural Amber scented organic candle in its luxurious mottled golden glass.

Entirely hand-made with 100% organic soy and beeswax, we named her Faustine in reference to her greek etymology (φῶς, phỗs : Fire light)

Its delicate amber perfume has been elaborated in the Grasse region in South of France (Provence) – and is, of course, natural and organic.

The amber evokes Nature’s hidden treasures, ancient civilisations’ mysteries and the warm air of the South, full of honey and sun.

Renée Vivien tells it better in her 1902 poem:

To the Well-Beloved

You are my palace, my evening and my autumn,
And my sail of silk and my garden of lilies,
My censer of gold and my white column,
My parkland, and my pool, with its reeds and its iris.

You are my perfumes of amber and honey, my palm,
My leafy boughs, the cicadas’ song on the breeze,
My snow that is dying of hauteur and calm,
And my sea-wrack and my vistas of the seas.

And you are my bell that sobs with unvarying tone,
My airy island and my saving oasis…
You are my palace, my evening and my autumn,
And my sail of silk and my garden of lilies.

Bougie en pure cire d'abeille artisanale For more photos: click here

General information:
– All of our candles are made in traditional fashion, in harmony with Nature
– Color & scent may vary from one candle to another

Burning time:
Approximately 60 hours

– Leave the candle burning for at least two and a half hours or wait until the surface has entirely melted. It will prevent the formation of a pool
– If the flame is too big, the wick needs to be shortened. Put out the candle and cut the wick a little. It should be approx. half an inch (15 mm).
– Don’t let it burn for more than 3 hours in a row
For safety, please be sure the candle-holder is placed on a stable, heat-resistant surface

Candle: 3.5” x 3.9” (300 grams without glass)
Box: 4.3” x 4.3” x 4.3”


7 reviews for Natural candle Amber and gold – Faustine

  1. Lisa

    This is pure luxury! Even the packaging was a joy to open. I will be ordering gifts for friends. Beautiful!

  2. Angie Plati

    Α truly magnificent natural candle. The golden glass gives out a golden mellow light ,and the smell of amber is sweet and delicate.

  3. TAJ

    Faustine, what a name! what a candle!

  4. Lola Kirkwood

    It’s bigger than most candles, I like this format. The perfume is absolutely amazing! Bravo Apis Cera <3

  5. William Sidaway

    No candle come close to the quality of Faustine

  6. Jack Laurens

    Faustine is my favorite candle of all time. PERIOD.Jack

  7. Alexander Schirmeister

    the glass is mesmerising – the scent is divine. Thank you Mom!!

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