Welcome to Faustine, our new organic Amber candle

Bougie naturelle Ambre et Or – Faustine

Finally! After two years of work, here she is: Faustine! Our new scented and organic candle. But why amber?

When we evoke amber, an image immediately appears to us, insects imprisoned in this mysterious and golden plant resin. Of course Jurassic Park fans will have this scene in mind, with the mosquito and the dinosaur blood on John Hammond’s cane from the famous amber mine in Dominican Republic.

A short reminder

on what is really vegetable amber. First not to be confused with the animal amber from the sperm whale. Here it is the resin from the trees.

Yellow amber is a fossil oleoresin, because it comes from the fossilisation of plant resins produced millions of years ago by conifers.

The resin may have stuck organisms when it has been released from the tree (mosquitoes, spiders, bees, etc.). They are found in amber once it is formed: these are the inclusions .

It is in our workshop that we imagined to transcribe olfactively this “tree gold”. But why not use 100% beeswax like our Ambroise and Lucienne candles? Simply because the beeswax, by its density and its combustion temperature retains all perfume and prevents it from spreading. It was therefore necessary to develop a millimetric dosage of beeswax and organic soy to allow the perfume to express itself.

This perfume is made in Grasse , the world capital of perfume and is of course 100% organic.

About soy wax, it is made from soybean oil that undergoes a hydrogenation process to give it a stronger consistency.

What is hydrogenation?

Hydrogenation (hydrogen treatment) is a chemical reaction that consists in adding a molecule of hydrogen (H2) to another element (here soya bean oil) at high temperature and in the presence of a catalyst.

The degree of hydrogenation is controlled by the amount of hydrogen, the duration and temperature of the reaction and by the catalyst.
The higher the degree of hydrogenation, the more the oil will become “solid”.

And the glass?

The realized glass, you guessed it, by hand is gilded and “speckled with emptiness”. The flame and the gold give a magic light to the candle, it is a real spectacle of which one never tires!

Welcome to Faustine, our new organic amber candle

In short, our candle is organic and handmade in small quantities. The materials used are very expensive and obviously the price is impacted. But we guarantee a candle of very high quality and a burning time of 60 hours.

If you know amber fans do not hesitate to slip a word on them, it’s a candle that is quite rare and exceptional.

Will you offer it at Christmas or treat yourself?

Reminder: Never leave a lit candle unattended.

Charles, founder of Apis Cera

PS: some passages are taken from Candles and Futura Science


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